What makes a world? Is it the people? Is it the cities and landscapes?  Or is it just the size and mass of it all? Well, regardless of what you yourself think, developers often try to make massive worlds that players can explore. The sandbox RPG game Dark and Light took this notion to heart, and are now showing off their massive game world.

On their website, they showed off the official map of the game, along with breakdowns of the major areas, with pics to go along with it as well. They note that magic fills this land, and that it’s filled with magical creatures, secrets, and more for you to go out and find. Thus, they encourage any and all exploration through the world that you can do.

Initially, you’ll be confined to only 3 major cities, though there is plenty to explore in between. For the cities themselves, there’s the human city of Vardo, the elven city of Estel, and the Dwarven underground of Zaharul. A wall contains you in this section of the world, but not too far along in the game, you’ll be able to break through it. But, should the worst happen and you fall in the wilderness or beyond the wall, you’ll be respawned in an area controlled by one of the three factions.

The areas in between these cities are vast, and you’ll have to traverse a lot just to get to each one. And that only scratches the surface of what the Dark And Light world has to offer. The game is still in development, but if these teasers are any indication, it’s going to be big.


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