MMO sandbox games are somewhat hard to pull off, especially if you mix other things into the equation, like magic and dragons. Dark and Light will be attempting just that, while also promoting teamwork instead of the lone wolf experience.


Dark and Light will bring us a massive sandbox world that will take it’s storyline beyond your traditional MMO, while also merging the MMO aspect with its survival mechanics in a unique way. So what will you be doing in Dark and Light? Well, players have the freedom to do many things, they can develop settlements, unlock their magical abilities, fight and protect their tribes, or, if all else fails, you can go and explore the beautiful and distinct environments that the game has to offer. Unreal Engine 4 is being used as the game’s graphics engine, so you can expect some gorgeous graphics and advanced physics, which will add to the immersion of the experience.


As stated before, the game will promote teamwork instead of the lone wolf approach, as the game has no quests or tutorials, so learning how to survive in this harsh world will be a priority, and the best way to do that is to team up with other players. The game has a teaser trailer out which doesn’t show much, but you can still watch it if you’re interested in the game.




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