Prey is one of those franchises that has had some ups and downs. The original game was in development for 10 years, but then when it finally came out, it was actually very well received. It sold over 1 million units between the Xbox 360 and PC, and even got a sequel confirmation. But that sequel was also in development for a long time, and this time, it seemed like it would never come.

That is until Bethesda stepped in and acquired the rights to the game, completely remaking it in their own personal style. Now, the game is highly anticipated, and a new art book will help show off Prey in more detail. The game itself will launch on May 5th. A little more than a month after that, Dark Horse will be releasing “The Art of Prey.”
Art of Prey
What does the art book have to offer? Well, as in most video game art books, it will detail and further explain all the processes that were taken to make Prey into the finished product it will be upon release. This will include looks at the characters and their outfits, the levels, the monsters, and more.

“The Art of Prey” will have hundreds of pictures detailing the game and how Bethesda made it. This a title you’ll definitely want if you enjoy the game once it’s out.

This new Prey features you on a space station that’s orbiting our moon. You’re a part of an experiment that’s meant to “change humanity forever.” But naturally, things go wrong. The facility is overrun with aliens, and you’re on your own. You have to find a way to survive, as well as discover what happened on the station, and what’s happening to you.

Prey is set for release on May 5th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. “The Art of Prey” will be published June 27th in stores or online.


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