Hellsing Ultimate is one of my personal favorite animes, as it delivers in superb animations, tense scenes, violent character progressions, and of course, tons of blood and violence. If you love the last part of the description, this anime is just the thing for you!


The story focuses on the Hellsing Organization, as they exterminate various supernatural foes like vampires, ghouls, and so on. Mainly, the anime follows three characters: Integra Hellsing, Alucard, and Seras Victoria. Integra is in charge of the group, hunting down any supernatural creature that threatens England and her queen.


Alucard, our anti-hero, is her semi-loyal servant with absurd demonic powers. Even though he is classified as a vampire, his capabilities go far beyond that. He can shapeshift, turn into mist, go through walls, hypnotize¬†humans with a mere gaze, and he is nearly impossible to kill. Seras is a human turned vampire, by none other than Alucard, so she joins Hellsing as the organization’s second vampire.

The anime has spectacular and brutal fight scenes, an interesting storyline with many unexpected twists, and so much amazing character development for you to witness. If anything, you should watch this just for Alucard, as I never saw a character as badass as him, not once in all my time watching anime!



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