Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft¬†has just released its newest Tavern Brawl a mere hour ago. This brawl is bananas. Taking the concept of the¬†“Servant Of Yogg-Saron” card and turning it into a battlecry for every minion in your deck.

That’s right. Every single minion you play will cast a random spell costing (5) or less. It’s chaotic. Not to mention the fact that every card in your deck is a random minion. With no deck building properties and crazy spells being launched from every direction, it should come as no surprise that this brawl is in no way very balanced.

But the point of Tavern Brawl is to just have fun, so I’d recommend doing that anyway. Obviously, the meta of this brawl is to play as many minions as possible, until you have decent minions on your board. If you have for instance, an 8/8 with taunt, don’t play another minion for petty reasons, because you’ll end up like me. Tragically naturalizing your own giant, only to witness your opponent gain the board over you.

This Tavern Brawl requires patience, poise, and a lot of anger management. Enjoy your dive into the ridiculous and confusing nature of this Yogg themed tavern brawl.

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