Captain Blackheart’s Treasure is making its return to Tavern Brawl yet again in Hearthstone, though this time, I’ll be showing you how you can get a leg up on the competition.

Credit to Hearthstone Gamepedia
Credit to Hearthstone Gamepedia

To give you all some background, this Tavern Brawl gives you a deck filled with 2-cost 2/3 pirates. Then, at the start of each turn, you get to pick from one of three cards to add to your hand. Pretty simple. Not proper discovery for numerous reasons, but we’re not getting into that.

I’ve done this Brawl before, but as of late I’ve started playing Druid, so my strategy changed entirely. Admittedly, I don’t care for this Brawl very much. My reason for saying that is that it feels very slow in nature. The pacing is just awful, and the pirate minion’s stats are painfully difficult to trade with. Thankfully, the first card I was able to discover was Astral Communion.

Discovering Astral Communion made for a particularly enjoyable match, as every card I discovered from that point on, I was able to play with ease. It was nice to be able to control the pace of the match. Pick a class that you know is good for playing a lot of minions, because getting board control is really hard in this brawl. My recommendation is to stick to classes like Druid or Warlock. Warlock especially because you can’t traditionally draw cards in this Brawl.

Keep calm, ignore the slow pacing, try to conquer the board, and win yourself a free pack!

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