The Daily QuestBy now, everyone knows that at the end of the month Overwatch is getting its Competitive Play that we’ve all been anticipating so eagerly. There were many speculations, announcements, and rumors, but a week ago we found out everything in detail. But, the thing I want to talk to you about today doesn’t have as much to do with this style of play, as it has with people who are going to play it.

Let’s be realistic, every game that had a competitive aspect which we’ve had the chance to play up until now always had the same problem: Toxicity. That’s right, I’ve said it. Toxic players are everywhere; they are present in any game, from Tetris and Minecraft all the way to Starcraft. And I keep thinking that the problem will never vanish.


But, you must be asking yourself what all of this has to do with Overwatch. The current situation in Overwatch is carefree; it is played for fun which is a beautiful experience for every true gamer. Imagine this: you’re playing a game with another 5 people who will play the next match with a smile on their face, whether they win or lose this one. But what will happen with those same players when the match starts to depend on their ranking? That is their status in the world after all. Who can guarantee that those same players will be cool, focused and aware that it’s just a game? In the end, one of the biggest transfers on Overwatch were that of League of Legends players, and we all know how much the players of that game can be

But, I still have hope. The new game and the new surroundings might keep the anger away. I also think that Blizzard is a corporation that is more than aware of the situations and that they will keep everything under control.

What do you guys think about this? Share with us your ideas, thoughts or jokes, so we can know what to expect from our players.


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