Yet another battle in the old Tavern! This week on the Tavern Brawl for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, we will be doing battle with miniature minions. Each minion in the deck you build will cost (1) mana and have 1/1 for stats. This means that essentially, you’ll be playing with a deck full of Barnes copies.

That being said, this is not the first time this Tavern Brawl has been used. Miniature Warfare was previously used quite some time ago, prior to the launch of expansions like One Night in Karazhan. The cards that can be used now are pretty incredible.

Hearthstone - BrannIn order to do well in this brawl, it’s likely that players will want to stick to a deck full of strong passive effects. Cards like Emperor Thaurissan are good not because of their stats, but because of their synergy. Kel’Thuzad makes for some incredible trades. Of course, he’s pretty easy to do away with.

Mage seems to be quite the class for this Brawl, with a hero power that can remove any minion on the board. Players should also consider the legendary C’Thun, who is very easy to buff, given that all of his support minions are such low cost in this scenario. because there’s little to no difference between them, it really doesn’t matter which ones you choose for your deck.

Cards are also exceedingly easy to stack with Brann. This calls for some very powerful Double Battlecry summons, influencing the likes of C’Thun and Nefarian quite a bit. Though, spells remain at their same cost, so it might be a risky game to focus on stockpiling them.

The name of the game is using minions with really interesting effects. A player can still finish the game pretty quickly, and build some really strong combos thanks to the cost reduction. Even Malygos costs 1-mana, so feel free to go crazy and win yourself that free pack.


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