Credit to ILove Hearthstone on YouTube.

Admittedly not my favorite Tavern Brawl, this one is literally just a copy pasted version of the Chess minigame from the One Night in Karazhan adventure.

onyx-bishopBasically, the rules of the game are that you have a lot of low attack minions that will automatically attack the enemy across from them. The objective is to place the minions strategically so that they do the work for you. But this Brawl fails to have the depth of a game of chess or a game of Hearthstone. It boils down to a race to get pieces on the board.

Still, there is a free pack to be won, so the way to win is very much important. I’d recommend for anyone trying to take home the victory, you pay very close attention to where you place your bishops. Bishops will heal two health to the minions adjacent to them at their move on each turn. This can be really effective when dealing with the Knight minion, which you can actually control. It has charge, and it’s a 4/3 but it can’t attack heroes. This is fine, as its purpose is to give you some game changing leverage when the opposing side of the board is full.

Again, this isn’t the most intuitive Tavern Brawl, but don’t miss out on the free pack.


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