Powerhoof’s Crawl was released as a beta in August of 2014. Only today¬†was it released as a full-fledged title. It’s described as a 4-play local co-op dungeon crawler, which is a bit of a mouthful, but entirely accurate. The Steam reviews for the title are “overwhelmingly positive” and it seems this little indie game has made quite a name for itself. Today, and until the 18th of this month, Crawl is on sale for 20% off its original $14.99 price. So, should you buy it?

The trailer above does a great job at displaying the feel of the game, and of course the game itself. Crawl is a unique couch co-op experience because of its focus on the monsters. While one player gets to be the traditional hero of the game, up to three more players actually control the game enemies and have a simple goal: destroy.

If a monster kills the hero player they then turn into a hero and so on and so forth. As the Steam store page description puts it, “It’s a race to gain enough XP and loot to take on the hulking final boss!”. It’s a fun, frantic experience that can definitely make enemies of friends if you’re competitive enough. So far, so good, right? Well, there is one glaring issue with the 8-bit bloodbath.¬†

There is absolutely no online multiplayer. In an age where people play games with others across the world, Crawl has made the choice to remain couch-centric. This is definitely frustrating for those of us whole like to do our co-oping online, but if you’ve got friend’s close enough to play local, then Crawl is definitely the game for you.

Crawl is available on Steam for $11.99 – 20% off its original price tag. This offer will only last until the 18th of April so make sure you don’t miss the sale. It’s also available, but not on sale, on the Ps4 and Xbox One.


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