A recent update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive introduced a new accuracy recovery method and new recovery rates for the AK-47, M4A1-S, and M4A4. Anyone familiar with Valve’s highly successful shooter will know that those are some of the main rifles within the game. Any changes to them will undoubtedly greatly influence the state of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO - AK, A1, and A4

To understand the new update, you first must know how the shooting mechanics work in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. After a player shoots their gun, the gun’s accuracy value is reduced. Following a short period of not firing, the accuracy returns to a baseline value. The accuracy recovery rate is the time interval passed before the accuracy returns to that baseline value. Previous to this update, the accuracy recovery rate was a fixed value; however, that is no longer the case.

Valve implemented initial and final values for the accuracy recovery rate. The more bullets fired during one shooting session, the longer the accuracy recovery rate becomes. In other words, if a player was to only fire one shot, their accuracy recovery rate would be the initial value, but as they continue to expend bullets, their accuracy recovery rate approaches the final value. This new method of determining accuracy recovery rates rewards players for tap shooting or burst firing. On the contrary, players who are fond of spraying will notice a slight decrease in both accuracy and accuracy recovery rate. Valve’s intention with this new update was to encourage players to switch between multiple firing methods based on different scenarios.

Two visual guides were provided by Valve indicating the AK-47’s accuracy based on the number of shots fired for both tap shooting and automatic firing.

CSGO - AK Tapping

CSGO - AK Auto

Examination of the two graphs only further verifies that tap shooting and burst firing (up to five bullets) are both more accurate now. Starting at six bullets and onwards, the accuracy for fully automatic firing is lower than before.

Due to the significance of this update, Valve promises to closely monitor its effects on the overall gameplay. If found to be unsatisfactory, Valve might revert these new changes to their previous states. Click here for the official update post by Valve.


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