Comic-Con is an event that has existed for nearly half a century now, and the pop culture phenomenon finally made its way to Tokyo, Japan last week.

TCC celebrated the best in entertainment and technology, with the spotlight shining on artists from comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy and of course, cosplay. There was a unique blend of cosplayers on show, with an eye-catching mix of both Japanese and American pop cultures being embraced in the capital. Check out the gallery at the top of this article for our top picks on the cosplay from the debut event.

Tokyo Comic-Con was actually formed as a sister event to the Silicon Valley Comic-Con, which took place in San Francisco. The Tokyo event was announced by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak back in December last year, and presented the first ever American-style Tokyo Comic-Con at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center last weekend.

“Tokyo Comic Con 2016 will celebrate pop culture and technology in one of the world’s coolest cities,” Wozniak stated at the 2015 announcement event. “From Godzilla to Pokemon to Power Rangers, Japan exports many pop culture trends to the rest of the world. Even the moral codes of the “Star Wars” Jedi are based on some of Japan’s historical samurai culture. In 2016, we will come full circle back to Japan to blend pop culture from Japan and the USA at Tokyo Comic Con.”

The goal of TCC echoed that of other conventions of the same style around the world; to bring an American-style pop culture experience, in this case to Japan, allowing fans to meet their favourite stars with a host of international celebrities from movies and TV shows, take photographs, request autographs and shop for exclusive merchandise.





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