Joining our growing roster of contributing cosplay artists is Aleksandra Tora, who has share with us her very own rendition of Overwatch support hero Mercy.

A popular choice in the cosplay scene, Mercy boasts a number of eye-catching traits which make her such a replicated character. Aleksandra Tora here has shown one of the best Mercy cosplays we’ve seen, and shared her story as to why and how she came to bring the character to life:

Mercy is my favourite character from Overwatch! I usually play supports so she came very natural to me. I fell in love with her design – wings, armor, elaborate wig, thats my things!

After a month of hard work, Tora finally managed to piece together the traits that Mercy is so well recognized for:

I’ve made armor out of various theromoplastic materials – EVA foam, PVC plastics, craft foam and Worbla. The chestpiece is plastic mannequin cut to shape and covered in EVA foam! The wings were made out of plastic and laser cut plexiglass which I’ve lighted up with LEDs.

Photography credits for these images goes to Studio Zahora and Lewandowsky Photography. If you’d like to check out more of Aleksandra Tora’s work, head over to her Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you’re a fellow cosplay artist and would like to be featured here on MMOExaminer, feel free to contact us at jack_ham@mmoexaminer.com, with your photos, information and photography credits. In the meantime, we’d like to thank Aleksandra for sharing this stunning images with us. Heroes never die!


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