Cosplay Showcase – Borderlands

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Our latest cosplay showcase features another artist from the UK, with Sabrina Carlotti A.K.A BriiMassacre and a stunning homage to Lilith from Borderlands 2.

Pictured with fellow Borderlands characters Mordecai (portrayed by Karl Mearns) and Maya (Emma Wortley), BriiMassacre has presented us with an epic representation of the Siren class character from the shoot-and-loot series. We asked BriiMassacre to give us an insight into her relationship with the character, and why she chose to bring the Lilith character to life.

“Lilith was the first cosplay I made 100% from scratch back in 2014, and this year I gave her an overhaul with updated cell shading and a restyled wig. I chose her as I have always been a huge Borderlands fan, and she is one of my favourite characters from the series, I felt I could relate to her, so sassy and snarky, yet shes still sweet and cares for her fellow vault hunters. Not to mention her costume in Borderlands 2 is badass! This is the version I wanted to cosplay as I loved her aesthetic, all battle worn and damaged – the true Firehawk!”

“This cosplay will always be one of my favourites, as not only is it my first proper cosplay, but it has allowed me to meet so many Borderlands fans at various comic cons, and make some great friends! Borderlands cosplays are my favourite costumes to make, and they are what I am commissioned for the most; my favourites have been a Maya for a close friend, and a Mordecai, complete with Bloodwing!”





“My main cosplay inspiration comes from video games, and movies – as I love to be able to bring my favourite characters to life. I recently completed a Black Widow cosplay from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and am really proud of how it turned out! I had to layer 3 fabrics to get the texture of her suit correct, and it was super comfy!”

There is a clear bond between Sabrina and the Borderlands franchise, and the talented cosplayer looks to continue to build on bringing further representations of her favourite characters in the future.

“The main cosplays I am working on in 2017 are Jill Valentine’s battlesuit from Resident Evil 5, Mercy from Overwatch, Captain Marvel and Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

As one of the founding members of the Crimson Raiders along with Brick, Mordecai and her then-boyfriend Roland, Lilith banded together with her fellow raiders to take the fight against Hyperion. She features as an NPC in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and maintains a prominent role throughout the series. She operates predominantly at close range, using environmental effects and self-buffs to inflict damage on enemies.

Lilith is voiced by well-known voice actress Colleen Clinkenbeard, famously known for voicing Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, as well picking up a BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award this year as Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Television Series/OVA for her role as Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tale.

If you’re a fellow cosplay artist and would like to be featured here on MMOExaminer, feel free to contact us at, with your photos, information and photography credits.




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