We recently showcased cosplayer BriiMassacre on her awesome portrayal of Borderlands character Lillith, and Sabrina has now kindly shared with us another passionate cosplay homage, this time to the Marvel character Black Widow.

We asked BriiMassacre¬†why she chose to portray the sleek Avengers character, and to share her experiences with Black Widow so far. The talented cosplayer also goes into detail on making the outfit, and the challenges faced in making the suit, catered to Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s rendition of Natasha Romanova.

“Black widow is a character I have always been fond of, and this love only grew when the Iron Man, Avengers and the Captain America films were released. Natasha is such a badass woman, she’s strong, incredibly skilled, and able to change her appearance to blend in to any environment. I adore watching her fight scenes, she’s so agile and deadly, and that’s what drew me to her – I’d love to be able to fight like her.

When Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, I fell in love with her new suit and hairstyle – that was the version I knew I had to cosplay.”

“After looking at all the release images of her new suit, I noticed that it had a mesh texture over the base of the suit, and leather panels up the sides – so I used a mixture of thick stretch jersey layered with a sports mesh, which created the texture I needed. From there it was as simple as sewing a bodysuit, stitching on the side panels from stretch leather – and then making the details. I made the S.H.I.E.L.D patch and Widow logo buckle using foam and Worbla; they were both primed and painted, then the patch was stitched onto the suit of the arm, whilst the belt buckle was attached to webbing at my waist.

I used my usual gun holsters and BB guns, and the boots were easily made by modifying a pair of wedge boots.
I wore this to London MCM October 2016, and had a brilliant time wearing it! It was really comfortable, and due to the number of layers it was made from, it was really warm – which was brilliant as it was freezing on the day!”

The fictional superhero debuted in the Marvel universe in Tales of Suspense back in April 1964. She has been portrayed by actress Scarlett Johansson in Marvel films since 2010’s Iron Man 2.

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All image credits go to ItsTheNerdyPhotographer, and we would like to extend our thanks to Sabrina Carlotti AKA BriiMassacre for joining our Cosplay Showcases once more.




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