The MOBA smash hit League of Legends has always been a source of some of the most eye-catching cosplay around. With that, we have invited the super talented Aleksandra Tora to share with us her favorite renditions of Battleborn Kayle.

We wanted to know what inspired Aleksandra to choose Kayle, and discuss how she managed to replicate the Battleborn skin:

League of Legends was my first MOBA game that I’ve ever played and I really enjoy it! Ive fell in love with the Kayles design – she is a strong, female character who fights for justice. I’ve made this costume back in 2014, it was one of my biggest armored projects Ive ever made!

The level of detail that has gone into this particular cosplay, in an imaginative combination of foam, resin, foam and more, helped Aleksandara take the top spot in the Intel Extreme Masters cosplay contest:

The armor is made fully from EVA foam and decorated with resin gemstones that I’ve casted. The wings are made out of PCV pipe skeleton and polyurethane foam feathers which are light and flexible 🙂 Ive worn the cosplay for Intel Extreme Masters cosplay contest and I am so happy to tell you that Ive won 1st place in the competition!

Aleksandra recently shared with us her cosplay of Overwatch support hero Mercy, in one of the most realistic representations we’ve seen so far. The images are once more courtesy of Studio Zahora and Kwak.

If you’re a fellow cosplay artist and would like to be featured here on MMOExaminer, feel free to contact us at, with your photos, information and photography credits. Once again we’d like to thank our cosplay artist Aleksandra Kora for her fantastic work, and be sure to check her out on both Facebook and Twitter.



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