Following a first time viewing of the new Warcraft movie, which will come with a new review of its own, I got to thinking about the potential for media convergence. Video game movies are no longer the horrific enigma they’ve been for the past several decades. The days of Super Mario Bros movies may finally be over.

This was a prominent conversation at Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference, when discussing the upcoming film for Assassin’s Creed, as well as their on stage announcement of the intentions to make a Watch_Dogs 2 film. This is unbelievable and unprecedented.

super-mario-bros-john-leguizamo-bob-hoskinsThat movies based on popular franchises are being sanctioned outright can really show us that the convergence of these two mediums is not impossible.

Warcraft shows that a director can truly be passionate about a project, and combine knowledge of what works in film with the brilliance of this incredibly unique interactive medium that is gaming. Video games are the most lucrative industry in the world right now, surpassing film and music. It makes sense that video game movies are a logical next step. I’m not talking about your 90s film loosely based on source material, I mean movies that are a genuine tribute to a lively franchise.

Tomorrow I hope to write a full review of the film so you readers can see what I mean!

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