Despite a rough start, Conan Exiles has been going strong ever since. The team has been working hard to ensure that the game (currently on Steam Early Access) offers players a high quality experience and that bugs and errors are addressed quickly. In that vein, the team has revealed the Patch Notes on the latest update that fixes many exploits players have found, as well as adding more personality to the characters.

First up, there’s been a ton of fixes, as the Conan Exiles team has found a lot of exploited features in the game via feedback from players. For example, you could actually complete Raids in the game by falling through the game world to get to other sections, so that has been fixed. You could also loot containers before respawn after dying, and this has also been addressed. An item duplication bug and a head retrieval exploit was also remedied.

Plus, thrall can now no longer attack new clan members, you can use the Repair Hammer outside of Raids, you won’t get booted from the game by changing the message of the day, and all chests and boxes can now be harmed by Explosive Jars.

In a fun twist though, the Conan Exiles team has given you the player the chance to give your character over 50 new emotes, or ways to express themselves in the game. While this may sound odd, it actually gives the characters more life and expressions, making it a much more in-depth title, and one that can lead to a lot of fun.

For example, you can cross your arms, grunt, laugh, yawn, shake your fist in anger, and more. There’s also a wide range of dances you can learn as well. And there is a whole list of things you can learn if you’d like to flirt with someone.

The Conan Exiles update is available now, so head over to Steam to check it out.


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