The Combat Arms team have announced a new map and a series of weapons.

The new map “Castle Storm” takes you back to medieval times with a huge castle as your battleground. You could stand on high and take down your opponents from a distance on a tower, or fight through  narrow corridors and stairs of the lower floors. All matches played on Castle Storm will award +100% EXP/GP until 28.06.


The new series of weapons are known as Visionary Weapons, which give you a strategic advantage over your opponents. When aiming at a hostile with a Visionary Weapon, you will be able to see their Kill to Death Ratio and also their remaining Hit Points. A colour indicator will inform you if your target has a higher or lower KDR than you.

The weapons available as Visionary are the M416 CQB, G36E Valkyrie, PP-19 MOD, UMP45, MK.48 MOD 0 and the Double Barrel Punisher. If you finish a special daily job from 16.06 to 21.06 you will also get 1-day versions of two Visionary Weapons.



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