Global Publisher and developer Allods Team have announced their new action multiplayer game Cloud Pirates. Players will take to the skies as they command customisable airships whilst navigating their way through the clouds in fast-paced aerial battles. Captains will be able to cooperated with their squadron to defeat the enemy team, whether they attempt to either outgun or outsmart them through the fantasy battlefields on offer.

The story begins a thousand years ago, as the world of Sarnaut was separated into separate islands by a cataclysm, causing several areas to drift aimlessly through Astral space. This shift in events led to the people of Sarnaut to invent flying ships to traverse from island to island, which saw the formation of treasure hunters forming squadrons after finding hidden artifacts and treasures in these newly formed locations. Bands of Cloud Pirates as they became to be known began to battle it out for the right to plunder the skies for glory and all the profit they could get their hands on.

As players progress through Cloud Pirates, new and powerful abilities will be made available to their airships through unique upgrades and weaponry. Take your ship into battle by forming your own squadron in strategic battles, whether you choose to overwhelm the enemy with sheer firepower or use cunning tactics to steal other team’s loot.

Check out the launch trailer below:


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