Cloud Pirates is a fairly exciting MMO in which you get to command flying ships and fight other people who have their own flying vessels also. It’s a game that’s still growing and getting updated, and the latest upcoming change is to Brotherhoods, which is something similar to guilds and clans in your typical MMORPG.

The next update that’s coming to Cloud Pirates is¬†Update 1.2 that specifically aims to improve the role of Brotherhoods in the game as much as possible. The update will introduce an option that will allow Captains to create a team of seven players from their own Brotherhood and then go and battle other teams like that in ranked Brotherhood vs Brotherhood battles, which will definitely help with the matchmaking in the game.

Cloud Pirates

A feature is coming in the future that will allow ranked Bortherhoods to compare performances with other ranked Brotherhoods on the game’s website. This can be used to track the performance of one Brotherhood and see if they are slacking or working hard. Also, players that don’t like or just don’t simply play well with others can also see and compare their ratings as solo Captains that aren’t a member of any Brotherhood, which is quite cool since it doesn’t pressure players into joining Bortherhoods.

Another¬†cool feature that is coming later will allow Brotherhoods to spend their resources to improve their Brotherhood Fortress. So, let’s say that you played a lot of the Convoy mode and you earned a heap of resources. You will be able to use all those resources and improve your Brotherhood Fortress, and even able to put an automatic turret on it.

It’s great to see an exciting new MMO like Cloud Pirates being actively developed, so let’s hope it continues and gets the attention it deserves.


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