Betas are a way for developers to test in private how a game plays in a certain set of circumstances. For example, will it play well when multiple areas are available? Will it play well when there are lots of people playing at once? Will the online work, and work well? This is what is asked during beta. Now, another beta has come to a close, the one for Cloud Pirates. It’s third beta in fact.

The team behind Cloud Pirates held their third beta during the winter holidays. And like noted above, they used it to try and figure out how to improve the game. The team notes that all the feedback that was given during the beta will be reviewed, and then dissected and implemented if they find it a necessary thing to improve. For now, it’s time to dock the ships.

If that trailer wasn’t enough, let me explain. It’s a pirate MMO, but one that takes place in the skies above instead of the seas below. You rest on the Astral Plane, an area where thousands of islands are scattered about. As time went on, people developed flying ships to get around, and they found treasure and artifacts on the new islands. So, many banded together, and became Cloud Pirates to fight off those who may want to take their treasure.

In the game, you can make and customize your own ship, fly around from island to island, battle friends and foes in the search for treasure, and much more. The skies are yours to roam when Cloud Pirates arrives.


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