Civilization VI is coming soon enough, so today we talk about Mvemba a Nzinga, also called King Afonso I,the leader of the Kingdom of Kongo. Nzinga is mostly known for his efforts to spread Christianity all across his lands. He also increased activities with Portugal to try to modernize his empire more.

Mvemba a Nzinga had a lot of problems on his path to becoming king. He battled his half-brother Mpanzu a Nzinga for the right to claim the throne, and he won in 1506. His victory was tied with the appearance of an apparition of Saint James the Great, which apparently broke the morale of the enemy. Mvemba a Nzinga then made Christianity the royal faith.


Now let’s talk about the unique unit of this empire, the Ngao Mbeba. They were armed with sharp scimitar swords and enormous shields that protected both the knees and the neck. Highly trained and ruthless, the Ngao Mbeba were a heavy-infantry units that didn’t have much body armor, but they were the very heart of Kongo’s armies.


The unique district of this civilization is called the Mbanza. The Mbanza were cities and towns that were established deep in the jungle, and they were larger than many other cities from that period. Crafting occupations were popular and soon become the ruling class in the cities.


Watch the first look at Kongo down below!




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