After so much painful waiting, it’s finally here. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, most likely the new king of the Civilization franchise, got released yesterday!


A lot of people were concerned with the game’s graphics, as they thought they looked too cartoony, but in the end, the graphics turned out fine. The main point is how much content and features you have to play with. Civilization games usually take a couple of expansions to add content and complete the game, but Civilization VI comes packed with content to keep you entertained for hundreds or even thousands of hours!


Some game mechanics were modified, some are completely new, but they all make for one brilliant 4X strategy. Your empire will now show its greatness as your cities physically expand on the map, technology and culture now have their own separate trees that will allow you to personalize your playstyle as much as you want to, and each civilization leader will have their own distinct traits that make interactions with them much more complex!


Most of the reviews of the game say that it could be the best Civilization game out there, even beating Civilization IV, but we are yet to see the full potential of Civilization VI!


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