Video games are considered to be often addictive, and for good reason. When a game is great, you want to play it, and play it often. Whether it’s because it has a story that resonates with you, or a gameplay function or mode that has you wanting to play more of it, it’s not hard to see why people of all ages play it for large amounts of time. China though apparently wants to stop this, at least in part.

According to a Korean report, the People’s Republic of China are aiming to restrict the playing of video games after midnight, and onto 8 am, for anyone under 18. Even going so far as to cutting out access to the Internet to ensure this happens.

While this may seem odd, you need to understand that in a lot of Asian countries, video games are truly an addiction. You may have heard about the very, VERY, dedicated realm of gamers who religiously play games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends, whether it be just for fun, or for dedicated online matches, or even for eSports. So, it’s not too surprising that China wants to at least try and limit this “addiction”.

Again, they aren’t trying to reduce gaming as a whole, just when underage kids and teens play it. In fact, China has gone out of their way to at times ensure the freedom of its gamers, even abolishing laws that were made to try and remove gaming as a whole.

The law has not been ratified yet, so this could all change.


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