Cheating in games is one of the universal “don’ts” that players are expected to follow, and yet, players do it all the time. Certain genres in gaming, like MMORPGs, are even easier to cheat in because of the power of hacks. But sometimes, the worst kind of cheating is when the game accidentally lets you cheat, and you exploit it. This is happening to World of Warcraft players right now, and apparently, when some players tried to show others up by countering their cheats, they were banned.

After the release of Patch 7.2 in World of Warcraft: Legion, a bug was accidentally made in which tank classes in PvP would essentially be invincible. Players noticed this, and while many steered clear of it, some went right towards it and used the bug to dominate PvP. Other players, like Reddit user Klarsensen, didn’t approve and tried to stop them by beating them at their own game.

You see, there are areas in PvP arenas that can be used to make a character unreachable, and so Klarsensen and other players would use these to defeat the cheating tanks. The catch here is two-fold. For one thing, Klarsensen and his allies in this endeavor were banned for six months without warning. And for another, they were told by Game Masters that they could use these cheats without getting punished. Below is an example of the spots he’s referring to.

Now as Klarsensen notes, these areas have been in World of Warcraft for years, and he was told that he could use them. Even if they were fixed (which was referenced in the ticket he sent) they wouldn’t be punished for using them before. Yet, that didn’t happen. Nor were the tanks who were using the invincibility glitch against other players banned at all.

This is a tricky issue, as Klarsensen and his allies were exploiting the game. However, since they were told they could use the exploit and not be punished, it kind of muddies the waters on what’s right and what’s wrong.┬áDo you think the ban was justified? Or has Blizzard overstepped their bounds?


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