This may sound like an odd question, because in theory any game in any genre can be put onto any console, but in the case of MMORPG and Nintendo platforms, it’s never happened before. Yet, with the rise in popularity of the Nintendo Switch, and the freedom it’s offering via mobility (in regards to being able to take the console anywhere with you), even the most die hard of Nintendo fans are wondering if the impossible might be possible. Like having an MMORPG on a Nintendo platform.

For example, Reddit user Nkuzevski states his excitement for the idea:

“I think it could be extremely exciting if we got some really well done MMOs specifically built around the hardware.”

He even noted that games like Ragnarok Online would be an interesting game to have on the Nintendo Switch. When he posed the idea to his fellow Nintendo Redditors, they seemed to be on board to, and even shouted out ideas like Final Fantasy XIV, 7 Days To Die, and other titles that should try and crossover. Ironically, Final Fantasy XIV is already “under consideration” for the Switch.

nintendo switch
Source: Jovem Nerd

Some players just love the idea of having an MMORPG on a Nintendo platform:

“I would love an MMO built on the switch, my first MMO ever was FFXI and I played that on my ps2 with mouse and keyboard, I think it would be a great addition to have something like this on the switch!” says player PoorTear.

However, the real question isn’t about whether it could happen, but whether the Nintendo Switch can support it. The online component for the Switch is still under construction in many ways. And Nintendo will start charging for internet access later in the year. Plus, the technical specs of the console will play heavily into whether it can actually handle something as large as an MMORPG. But, if it is able to do so, it could lead to big things.




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