Olay Artificial Intelligence

The desire to make a true Artificial Intelligence, or an A.I. for short, has been the desire of many a scientist. To them, it’s the ultimate achievement, as you’ll be able to create something that can think and act on its own. Some are already claiming to have done that, and are using it in interesting ways.

Take for example, the Olay Skin Advisor, which is an A.I. that will take a look at you via your photos, one you can take right off your phone should you desire. It will scan the photo, then determine how health your skin in, and by extension, how healthy you are. Then, how to be even more healthy.

Now to be clear, it does ask questions of the user to see where they are at mentally to better gauge how to help the person who is seeking their advisement. Now, while some people have gotten “bad news” from the advisor app, apparently over 65% of people who use it have gotten positive reviews, then are just offered simple touch up ideas via Olay products to make themselves even more radiant.

Now, the real question is, can A.I. really help with skin care? Or is this just Olay using an app to try and get people to buy more of their products?

Olay has been trying to make this app for years, and have gone deep into what makes skin healthy, and by extension, how to make it healthier. Many who have used this app are still using their products sure, but it could be because they see changes in their skin. The true “reveal” will come after some time has passed, and see whether their skin is actually healthier, or just more covered up.


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