In their most recent blog posts, titled “Size Does Matter” the developers of Camelot Unchained have highlighted some updates to the player generated MMORPG. Camelot Unchained will offer axes, and while the developers are not interested in developing a Rift version of the Camelot Unchained Building Environment or C.U.B.E. they are CU Swordobserving the way it works with C.U.B.E. The developers have stated that it appears the islands are truly starting to take shape, and that the new swords the axes they intend to reveal for tree cutting use.

The developers have revealed the intention to develop things based on backer requests and they have showcased some accomplishments they’ve already made based on those requests. This could vary from updates to C.U.B.E. and its interface and functionality to the overall improvement and continued development of lore.

Camelot Unchained is a procedurally generated subscription based MMORPG world with a player created economy as well as a user created environment. The game is subscription based, yet boasts its refusal to thinly veil micro-transactions.

Camelot UnchainedFor more information about the unique MMORPG known as Camelot Unchained as well as how you can pledge to a game focused on player created economy and world building, visit the development website here!




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