Camelot Unchained’s developers are quite busy with fixing and updating their game, and this time around, a lot of stuff is being worked on.

cam1 The first pass of primary and secondary ability components is done and now modifier components are being supported, although feedback on this is highly appreciated by the developers, as well as feedback on abilities and if they work correctly. Armor penetration is now completely implemented, but a close eye is being kept on it and any abilities using it for potential bugs. Consumables for classes, for instance, bottles for Physician and arrows for archers are close to getting finished, so players should expect to use them soon! Encumbrance is now finished, which means that you’ll be slowed down once your weight limit is exceeded, so try not to take too many items with you.Encumbrance will be tested next week.


Chat support for logging was added last week, which allowed testers to provide clearer feedback on bugs and any problems they encounter, especially concerning abilities and their usage. An optimization pass on the system was knocked out this time, which allows the developers to track bugs and get feedback faster.

Quite a lot of things were added or changed, but there were too many to list in only one post, so click here to read the full changes!


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