The more a game is played, the more the flaws can be found. This is an essential part of the QA (Quality Assurance) process. Yet, the bigger the game, the harder it is to find them all. Especially, when the game consists of numerous character, with unique abilities like Overwatch.

The latest big glitch is focused on Overwatch Character Mei, and revolves around the Ecopoint: Antarctica map in 3-v-3 gameplay. The long and short of it is, that using Mei at a particular spawn point (which you can see in greater detail below) is allowing players to subvert the game in a way by getting both Mei and her teammates to go beyond the borders of the level.

Why is this bad? Well, though the team is outside the border, they can still attack the other team…but…the other team can’t attack them.

While this seems like an honest glitch (one that no doubt didn’t happen overnight and was likely a “happy accident”), players are furious that others are taking advantage of this in order to win games. Many on Battle.Net are fuming because to them this is ruining the game mode, of which this is one of the most popular among Overwatch players.

However, Blizzard principal level designer Dave Adams went onto himself to note that they have found the bug, and are working to fix it. In fact, the fix should be in the game today,  if not already fixed. He did note however that this was a particularly hard bug to locate, but they truly believe they have it fixed.

So there you go, the fans cried out, and Blizzard listened, let’s hope they got the bug done-and-done.


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