Blizzard Entertainment have today revealed the content to be shown at this month’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. Between August 17-21, visitors will be able to check out the latest updates on upcoming entries in six of its award-winning franchises. Fans in attendance will be able to play on the likes of World of Warcraft: Legion, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void as well as all three Diablo games being playable at the event in Hall 7 of the Koelnmesse.


World of Warcraft

The critically-acclaimed MMORPG series will showcase their largest World of Warcraft expansion to date with a celebration at the Legion Cafe at Gurzenich Koln between 5pm and midnight between 18-21 August.


The free-to-play online video game Hearthstone will be card-slinging across the Blizzard booth in a new co-operative Tavern Brawl against Nefarian.


Legendary RPG series Diablo celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, with visitors to the Blizzard booth being able to play all three Diablo games, including the recently patched Diablo II.

Heroes of the Storm

Showcasing the Machines of War event at Gamescom, attendees will be introduced to new Starcraft-themed battlegrounds, mercenaries, bosses and much more. The MOBA will feature new heroes such as Starcraft’s Alarak, a ‘Queen of Ghosts’ Kerrigan skin as well as Brawlmania, a Blizzard stage showdown between pro players and influencers.


The new German map Eichenwalde will be playable at Gamescom before its release in September, as well as the world premier of the Overwatch animated short “The Last Bastion” which will be revealed via a live stream on Blizzard’s Gamescom stage.

StarCraft II

New Protoss commander the Tal’darim Highlord Alarak will be accompanied by his supplicant unit at the Blizzard booth this year, whilst collections to make it easier for players to organize skin packs and voice packs will also be revealed at Gamescom.

For those who can’t attend, head to the Blizzard Gamescom site for daily live streams and updates from the event.








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