Diablo fans such as myself have had their tails up for the past few months or so following the array of hints and conspiracy theories that have pointed towards a new game being announced. Since Blizzard posted job listings for a developmental team to work on future Diablo releases, the seed of a sequel has been firmly planted.

The latest clue as to whether we will see Diablo 4 announced this year came from the official Diablo Twitter account, when responding to a tweet hoping that there would be a Diablo announcement at Blizzcon 2016. The response from Diablo’s Twitter stated, “Blizzcon will be really cool this year :-)”. Although this could well be Blizzard’s social media manager trying to stir up interest for the event itself overall in lieu of a Diablo announcement, it seems to point more at a Diablo announcement given where the source is coming from.

This isn’t the first evidence we have heard regarding a Diablo sequel either. The recent Diablo 4 dice theory surfaced following a Blizzcon goodie bag sent out to fans containing a seemingly unusable die that when the numbers on the sides were added it read 4/11, which could be read as a calendar date which would be 4th November, coincidentally the date of this year’s Blizzcon. Check out the full theory in the video below.

There has also been rumblings of a Diablo 2 remake being on the cards, which wouldn’t be a farfetched guess either. Following the game being patched for the first time in five years, questions were raised as to whether the first Diablo sequel would get the same HD treatment that so many remakes are getting these days. This was further supported by an image included in the electronic ticket purchase invitation email sent to those planning on attending Blizzcon 2016. This featured an incarnation of Diablo with the soulstone planted in his head, reminiscent of his form in Diablo 2.


Blizzcon 2016 will take place 4-5th November.


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