When it comes to MMO’s, there are a lot of ways to play, and as the game grows (hopefully), more creative uses for characters are born. However, there’s a dark side to this in the form of “botters”; People who use characters in a way that’s “questionable”, and can be perceived by other players as cheating depending on the act. Especially since these “bots” aren’t technically being played, but are rather are characters on “auto-pilot”. An interesting discussion has been happening on the World of Warcraft forums about such an issue, and what Blizzard should do about it.

This started a few weeks ago when a community member named ßaßymôô talked about seeing many bots in a certain area. Specifically how these botters are getting supplies, and selling them at a certain price without having to do the work a regular player would. He believes they should not only be banned, but punished for using bots like this.

This sparked a fierce discussion, that’s gone on until a little while ago about what Blizzard should do about them. Many agreed with the player and believes they should be banned, but others noted that it may not be so simple. As a dedicated botter could just make a new one after the other is banned, and go right on a trucking until Blizzard bans this one, then repeats. Others note that as long as they aren’t harming other players, or using them in raids and dungeons, who cares? It’s a game, let them play it there way.

It’s an interesting issue, and one that definitely has a divide amongst World of Warcraft players, only time will tell in regards to how this is dealt with.


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