Games like Overwatch are famous and infamous for how you can get certain items. Mainly, there are a bunch of items and skins you can get, but to get them, you have to go through Lootboxes. These Lootboxes are a randomized assortment of items, and there’s no telling or predicting what you get, you just have to open it and see. This is called an RNG summon, meaning that there’s a mathematical probability set by the team at Blizzard as to what chance you have to get a certain item of a certain rank.

Because of that, Overwatch players often have to buy Lootboxes in bulk in the hopes of getting an epic or legendary item or skin. And while some don’t mind, it’s a big hassle for some. But one player found a post on Blizzard China that states the rates/averages of getting certain items. According to it, and we may be mistranslating here, but you’d need to get at least 5 Lootboxes for a good shot at an Epic quality item, and 13 for a Legendary item.

That’s a lot, and as some Overwatch players on Reddit have noted, it’s not a guarantee.

Overwatch lootboxes

“Sucks cause I’ve literally opened 35+ boxes without a legendary :/ feelabadman at least I got the soldier emote :’),” lament player Jyjelly.

Others aren’t so sure that this rate applies to all regions, as their own success has been less than the numbers above that are given. It is possible, as regions have been known to differ from one another. As for the piece itself, Blizzard appears to be sensitive about it for some reason:

“Someone linked this in the forums. It got deleted,” reveals Caiahar.

Funnily enough, this translation goes in line with an Overwatch player who actually tried to calculate himself how many Lootboxes you’d need to get all items. His number was 1410, and that was just for current items, not including new ones.


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