Blade & Soul is really famous for its excellent combat mechanics, which make for some really interesting PvP matches. But, what about the open world PvP in the game?


Surprisingly, a lot of players aren’t too fond of the open world PvP in the game. The main reason for this is the player farming, as people who want the achievement for 10 000 players killed, or simply those who like going and killing every player they encounter, really ruin the fun for players going around and trying to get their quests done. But, if you think about it, why are they playing with PvP turned on if they don’t like that sort of thing?


Well, that’s because the game provides more resources if you’re doing PvP, and those doing PvE. Farming soulstones in PvP is way more efficient than farming them in PvE, and that’s the issue here. The open world PvP is also kind of hard to do, since most classes have a really easy way to escape a fight, which makes the whole thing kind of pointless if you can’t chase them down.


In the end, open world PvP is really hard to balance and players need to understand that, but it is true that PvP is kind of forced onto players if they want to efficiently farm soulstones, and that’s something that really needs to be fixed.


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