Cnv2KJaUsAArYOQBlade and Soul 2.4 Update, or also known as The Shadows of the Innocents brought to us many new dungeons and a ton of new content. But, as always there is enough room for improvement and today we got some of these changes.

Most of the changes are upgrades to the live content, and some are targeting some issues with the game.

As always, this will be a fast and simple rundown of the most important parts of this patch. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore Blade and Soul players and you need to know every detail, feel free to check in-depth notes on the official site.

Now, let’s get to it. The most important thing that needs to be noted is that this patch revolves around Dungeons. The main focus was around events such as The Tidal Treasures, The Seeds of Growth and Daily Dash. Both of these events will be live daily from July, 20th to August, 24th.


Each of these events carries a ton of special rewards, so be sure to participate in each and every one.

On top of that, PvP awards for season 3 have been boosted, so that each player gets more Moonstones.

All in all, the patch brings a high amount of good stuff and we can’t wait to jump into the game and start the grind.


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