Blade & Soul is a popular fantasy martial-arts MMORPG developed and published by NCSOFT. The game’s devs recently announced a new Halloween-themed event, titled Blade & Ghoul, that comes along with a lot of new awesome limited items and features that are going to be available for a few weeks.

Along with the announcement came a trailer with in-game footage of some of the bosses and other aspects of this event.


A bunch of new bosses will be featured in Blade & Ghoul that players will have to defeat if they want to earn Pumpkin Spice Candies. Pumpkin Spice Candies are earned by finishing Daily or Dynamic Quests in certain dungeons. Once you have enough Pumpkin Spice Candies, you can exchange them for a Jack O’ Lantern and a small chance of getting Chilling Chests.

Chilling Chests are full of goodies and consumables. Besides those two, Chilling Chests are also likely to contain Halloween-themed costumes such as the Spellcaster costume or Bewitched Hat.


Blade & Ghoul is going to be available from Oct. 26 to November. 16, so be sure to tune in and check all the cool things that came along the event. For more info about Blade & Ghoul, visit the official post.

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