Black Desert Online is adding even more desert to the world, introducing Valencia to the masses of sweaty, dehydrated adventurers this coming June 1. This expansion enlarges the world by a whopping 30%– this only includes the actual real estate and does not count what the developers have done to this environment gameplay-wise.

Immersion and survival have become an increasingly popular theme these days, not only as the main aspect of a game but also as add-on challenges in existing games- a great example would be Fallout: New Vegas’ Hard Mode.



This new expansion has players battling not only the dangerous creatures of the world, but also dehydration from the intense heat during the day and the freezing cold during the night- not as much micromanagement as similar mechanics in other games, but just enough to make the environment feel more dynamic and real.

Players will also have to watch out for the occasional sandstorm unless they have a tent handy to keep them safe.

Camels will finally get the spotlight they deserve as the graceful creatures they are, being the hottest new mode of transportation in this expansion. Carts and even mighty steeds will be slowed in the treachorous terrain.

Valencia Part 1 will also deliver a lot of gameplay content including crafting updates, mounts, new equipment, crops and hundreds of new quests- some of which may add to the main storyline.

Finally, June 15th will see the first of Node and Castle Siege warfare that will go through a trial period of 2 weeks to allow players to get a feel of the new mechanics.

Source: MMOsite


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