Black Desert Online is a fantasy MMORPG published by Kakao Games and developed by Pearl Abyss. Kakao Games just introduced us to a few new things coming to the game.

First off, Valkyrie finally got her Awakening! The Valkyrie usually carries a sword and a shield around in order to defend herself.  Well, now that she got her Awakening, she has the option to swap between the sword and a huge one-handed lance. Players will be able to unlock their Awakening after reaching level 56. The lance will definitely come in handy during combat, as players can use it in order to strike down enemies from long range. The makers of Black Desert Online decided to introduce us with the lance by uploading an overview of the Awakening.


Besides that, Black Desert Online just got a new event in which players get to make their own seasonal calendar. The contestants will have to send up to 12 screenshots to their email. The submissions that receive the most amount of votes from the community will be awarded some exclusive prizes.

The prizes:

Top 12 Winners (Selected by Player Votes):

  • Screenshots featured in the 2017 Calendar
  • Their very own copy of the Black Desert Calendar
  • 5,000 Pearls
  • Value Package (30 Days)
  • Sealed Combat Book (7 Days)
  • Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
  • The title “Seasonal Sensation”

48 Screenshot Runners-Up (Top 5 Staff-Picked Screenshots for Each Month)

  • 2,500 Pearls
  • Sealed Combat Book (7 Days)
  • Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
  • The title “Seasonal Sensation”


If you plan on competing in the Picture the Season event, I suggest you start off ASAP because the event will last until November 20. The winners will be selected November 27th. You can find more information about the event on their official post.


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