BACKDESERT-LOGO-WNew information regarding Black Desert update has emerged. From what we’ve seen, the new update was delayed.

It seems that this decision was made due to technical difficulties regarding the new Siege mode.

“Due to some technical issue to adapt the Season 4 of Siege mode to our build, we felt that we were not ready for this new content.”

We are guessing that the release of the Valencia & Siege Mode won’t be out anytime soon. It is too bad because we know that many players were eagerly waiting for the Siege mode to arrive.

But, on the other hand, we got an extended period for the “Blackstone” and “Pirate Rhum” events. For another week, you can grab this opportunity and have fun.

The good news is, that this stagnant period, as we call it, will be put to good use. It seems that the main subject will be the game security. The target will be bots and any other similarly forbidden software.

And we must say that we appreciate Daum Game’s effort. It really shows the commitment of the Black Desert team to give fair players a chance for a great gaming experience.


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