Classic board games are some of the crust of life, wouldn’t you say? From Monopoly to Battleship and everything in between, you probably don’t know someone who has never played a table top game. Battleship is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Check out this video below! It showcases some of the game’s features and visuals.


Along with the traditional Battleship mode, the game offers an additional mode of play. Ubi-blog Senior Communications Manager, Giancarlo Varanini highlights this here:

“Battleship includes a Clash at Sea! mode where players manage resources and the special abilities of their fleet to outwit and sink opponents.”

The beauty of these board game console editions is that they offer a streamlined more modern approach to the classic game formula. It takes a lot of the manual aspects out in favor of easy to use interfaces that prevent cheating and allow players to learn the rules in a much faster way.

There are both local and online multiplayer options available for players who want a competitive edge. There’s also a leaderboard, so you can track your progress.

Remember, you can download Battleship today, as it’s available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Start sinking your opponents ships now!


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