Oh yes, yes it does. Battlefield 1 is already a rather grand game in terms of scope. In fact, it features many large areas for you to battle in via the single player and multiplayer maps. But I don’t think anyone expected that the DLC maps for the game would contain a freaking giant shark known as the Megalodon. But it does, and it’s awesome! That being said, you can’t just go willy-nilly to the spot where the giant shark rests, you have to encourage it to come.

As jackfrags explains, on the Fort Vaux map, there are three red valves that you need to find, and their locations are accurately detailed in the video below. Once you find them, you’ll to have one person at each of them and simultaneously interact with them. If you do it correctly (you’ll know if someone didn’t do it) a crater will start to fill with water. But you’re not done yet.

You see, you’ll need to head towards the B point near the center of the map, and blow up some crates. When you do, you’ll see an interesting pipe that appears to go down into the Earth’s core. It doesn’t, but it does have a purpose, and that purpose is to have you put a grenade down it. I’m sure a certain something won’t like that.

Yet…it still won’t come out. What are you to do? Why, make a “sacrifice” of course to encourage it to arise. You’ll need to do three melee kills in the crater that was filled with water earlier. It has to be in the crater water, and it has to be melee kills. When you do it right, the water will change colors.

Once all that is done? Just let someone go into the water and get eaten by a giant shark. What could be a better capper for the game?

What’s your favorite Battlefield 1 Easter Egg? Let us know in the comments below!


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