Battlefield 1 has recently arrived and it had a greatly successful launch. We have been playing the amazing FPS title for quite a while now and it has become clear that the game is nearly perfect.


Nearly, but not totally. Sadly, online multiplayer shooters on PC have one common curse that keeps coming back, and that is the myriad of cheaters who constantly harm these games. Some titles have “lighter” cheaters who can only use wallhacks and trigger bots, but other games like Battlefield 1 are still constantly infested with ridiculous hacks such as “one shot kill” and “remove spread”.

Needless to say, there probably isn’t an anti-cheating defensive measure that is fully hacker-proof but there are some that actually manage to effectively filter out such things. What comes as a bigger shock, is that games like Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1 are Buy-2-Play and not Free-2-Play. These games actually have a heavier price, and yet some players still ignorantly waste this money by cheating and eventually getting banned.

Battlefield 1 is one of the best FPS titles that the world has seen so far, but it is evident that something more has to be done in order to fully block out players with unfair advantages caused by their cheating programs. We do not wish to mention any sites or company names that develop such hacks, but there are plenty that develop such tools for a shockingly high amount of games. Currently, Battlefield 1 seems to be superior in popularity compared to its big rival, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but for a full success, DICE needs to quickly come up with more ways to get rid of cheaters permanently.

It is really hard to understand how people can still enjoy beating others through cheating in online games, and in many cases, they probably get bored of the game eventually without any challenge to maintain interest.


Hopefully, one day we will get to see online multiplayer shooters becoming cheater-free once again, but for that, someone really needs to come up with a whole new anti-cheating measure. Regardless of this one particular flaw, Battlefield 1 is, without doubt, one of the biggest titles of 2016 so far and if the developers manage to overcome the cheater issue, it can certainly become the perfect FPS that many of us have been craving for.


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