Battleborn’s in-game Marketplace is beginning to take form, and those of us avert from the freemium business model don’t seem to have to worry just yet.

The Marketplace update featured mostly cosmetic options to make sure characters are presentable when they show up for work- which is, essentially, blowing other people up.


Aside from the killer costumes, players will also have access to new taunts they can buy in the Marketplace, on top of the already existing taunts. In line with this, Battleborn’s fancy new currency, Platinum, is being introduced to the economy- this is what will buy you all those cosmetic goodies.

The Marketplace will slowly grow as the devs add even more skins and taunts for each and every character along the way. It’s quite awesome that they are listening to recent players’ outcry over freemiums and pay-to-wins, business models that players love to hate (for good reason). These skins and taunts will not be affecting anything gameplay-wise, except maybe make enemies pause in awe or attack in provoked fury.

Aside from these purchasable goods, Battleborn will be expanding even more with free additional content and DLCs: new heroes, maps, gameplay modes, debugging and so on. Let’s hope this sort of model starts a trend with upcoming games, especially if they’re from big developers and publishers.

Find the rate for Platinum Packs and read more about the Marketplace at their official site here.


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