Gift cards, the thing to give a person when you’re not sure what to give them. It’s not a cop out, in fact, it’s an integral part of society, especially around birthdays and Christmas. Because sometimes, you just don’t know what to give someone. Or, if you know they like a certain food place, a gift card says, “Hey! Eat your favorite food! No charge to you!” This also applies to video games, as gift cards can help get a game that a person wants, or can buy a subscription for their favorite title. seems to understand this, and has their own gift cards, which are now available in stores.

As they note on their site, the Battle.Net is a perfect gift for those who play any of their titles, and yet you’re not sure which pack, or expansion, or unique item to give them. Just give them the gift card and they’ll make the choice on their own! Now, with them being available in Europe, you’ll be able to just pick one up, and give it to them when the time is right.

All the person has to do once they get the card, is claim the code on the back via their online profile. Once they do, they’ll have the money in their account that they can use to buy any digital item from Battle.Net itself. In fact, to help show off what you can buy, they made an infographic:

So if you have a friend who binges games on Battle.Net, their gift card might just be the perfect holiday gift. Available online and in stores now.


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