Deus Ex takes a turn into something so uncomfortably familiar.


The trailer shows a war-torn world, divided enough as it is by all the conflict. More humans have sought for augmentation due to different unfortunate circumstances. Augmentation has been made mainstream, and for a while seems like the best thing since sliced bread.


Underneath the celebration, however, lied skepticism and plain fear of the unknown- fuel for what was to come later.



The augmentations have been hacked and a virus has spread, turning all affected humans violent and crazy. They attack strangers, their loved ones and anyone unfortunate enough to have been targeted. The rest of the world are understandably in absolute panic, and the iron fist of society comes down.



“Augs” and humans are legally segregated in almost all facets of society out of fear of the incident repeating itself. The trailer’s unnamed leads, a couple, are forced apart.



The virus has caused legitimate unrest, and the world is operating in fear. The stage is fantastically set for the game, providing a meaty backdrop for the world and should draw up discussions from a lot of players with different opinions. There’s just something about the trailer that sticks to you- hopefully it’s not a sudden case of Déjà vu.


Here is a virtual world that invites us to open our eyes to reality.

“Apartheid” – a term for segregation


Make sure to watch the trailer. It’s awesome!


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