A queer theorist by day and theorycrafter by night, Alec spends most of his time playing Final Fantasy XIV and being Balmung's most discursive, elusive dragoon. When he doesn't have his head stuck in a Sara Ahmed text, he's probably knee-deep in a Party Finder PUG, writing an art history paper about The Quicksand, mapping out The Wind Waker's high seas, or all of the above at once. Find his windswept rambles on Twitter @knightofwinds.
  • Every Final Fantasy XIV Change in the Last 48 Hours Explained

    Final Fantasy XIV has received a whirlwind of changes rivaling even A11S’s. Rather than decipher the specific discussions occurring all over everything, let’s lay out the most important info and player feedback, and what these changes mean for North American players. First, some context for those that haven’t been...
  • weeaboos

    FFXIV Community Discusses Weeaboos, Ignores Racism

    On May 15th, 2017, Reddit user fogged2 submitted a post to r/ffxiv entitled “Culture Shock,” addressing negative Final Fantasy XIV experiences they have had with players called “weeaboos.” “I don’t mind people lightly perpetuating Japanese Culture/Pop Culture,” claims fogged2, “but this weird social ecosystem of baby talk, arbitrary lol’s, XD’s,...