Portal Augmented Reality

Gaming is always looking for its next big thing. At first, it was all about having different kinds of games and seeing what the technology could be pushed to do. Then, the obsession turned to graphics, which is still something we fuss over today. After that came the motion controls frenzy. Finally, if the Nintendo Switch is any indication, it’s about truly taking your console with you wherever you go. Yet, there’s another segment of gaming that has been trying to find its niche in gaming: Augmented Reality.

This is not to be confused with Virtual Reality, or VR, which is something entirely different and also something that’s trying to find its niche in the market of games. Augmented Reality is different and, in a way, much simpler. AR isn’t about crafting a full world like VR games do, it’s about taking our world and adding things to it. AR was actually a part of the initial 3DS launch, with special AR cards and games attached with the handheld.

But what if we could play bigger games, better games, through AR platforms such as the Hololens? Well, that’s exactly what developer Kenny Wang did. And he went with a very popular title too: Portal.

It’s very simple, yet very impressive, and many people, both gamers and critics alike, are actually very fond of what he did. Wang himself loves the idea of this type of games because they do something very simple, yet very realistic:

“It’s simple in terms of mechanics,” he said, “but it’s a great way to show off the potential of mixed reality because it uses real physics.”

Funnily enough, this was his second demo doing such a thing. The first he did was a full-on Pokemon battle featuring Pokemon Go models:

As you can see, it’s pretty cool what he’s able to do. You have to admit, this might just be a lot more fun than putting on a headset to experience a fully generated world when Augmented Reality just takes our world and adds something even more epic to it.

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