Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular anime/manga titles around today. The series has sparked not only a popular TV anime and comic series, but also live-action adaptions both in Japan, and rumored to be happening in the US very soon. But also, they’ve had numerous video games that tie into the series in one form or another. And that’s of course not even talking about the various pop culture shows they’ve appeared on in one form or another, such as DBX on Screw Attack.

But, for many, the true heart of Attack on Titan is in the manga, which is about to get another chapter released soon. Chapter 91 has a lot of fans hyped, as a lot of things can potentially go down. Fans are going crazy with theories, and are posting them in forums and in Youtube videos like the one you see below.

In recent chapters, it was discovered that not all of the Titans are evil. In fact, they were all part of the People of Ymir, who once resided within the Walls themselves. However, when they found out that the Titans were deemed as monsters, they actually formed teams themselves to fight Rogue Titans, the ones who actually were monsters and wanted to eat the humans within the walls.

As for what can happen in Chapter 91, Eren and his team reached the ocean, where their “true enemy” lies just beyond. Many speculate we could find out about this new race, and why they pose a true threat. Others are hoping that Annie will finally awake from her crystal state that she’s been in for quite awhile.

Other theories include more powerful weapons to fight Titans, new Titan attacks, and even the potential for more powerful Titans. Attack on Titan Chapter 91 will release on March 8th.


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